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When it comes to payroll services, Ally Payroll Solutions is the company to call in Bergen County, New Jersey. Ally was born to help you optimize your business while ensuring the complex and often time-consuming tasks are handled with care, accuracy, and efficiency. Ally offers a full suite of payroll outsourcing and insurance products that will enhance your experience and provide additional value to your organization. Ally Payroll Solutions is dedicated to providing you with the most highly trained payroll specialists in the industry. All of our staff members are certified by the American Payroll Association.

Ally Payroll – Complete Workforce Management

No more call centers, hire the professionals

  • Certified Payroll Professionals by the American Payroll Association
  • 20+ Years Payroll Management 
  • Over 3 Billion in ACH Transactions and 1.5 Billion in Payroll Tax Payments

Workers Compensation

  • No Down Payment
  • Payroll Information reported Weekly on Actual Payroll – No Estimates
  • Lower Audit Risk as Premiums are Based on Actual Payroll Data

Absolute Tax Compliance Services

  • Federal, State & Local Tax Compliance
  • Reconcile and File Weekly, monthly Quarterly and Annual Tax Forms
  • Year End Processing: W2s an ACA Forms 

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Fully integrated and automated HCM Solutions Save you Time:

  • Recruitment to Retirement
  • Electronic On-boarding
  • Performance Management
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • ACA Reporting

Workers Compensation made easier!

Payroll processing and Workers Compensation integration offers an opportunity to reduce administrative work and improve your organization’s cash flow. By properly coding your employees and automating the data transfer from payroll to the insurance carrier Ally Payroll Solutions can add significant value to your team. Workflows triggered with each payroll processed sets the data transfer in motion.

Take advantage of the many benefits of Pay As you Go Workers Comp

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