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Professional Payroll Services For Small Businesses Throughout Suffolk County, NY

Ally Payroll Solutions is driven to provide you with a positive experience every time. Our mission is to save you time while providing your organization with payroll that is both accurate and compliant. We will cater our solutions to the method that works best for you. Ally will provide you with a dedicated account manager that will know you, your company, and your employees. This will ensure that your payroll receives the attention and care it deserves.

Technologically Advanced

Ally’s payroll platform is cloud-based, so our online payroll services can be accessed anytime from anywhere.  Designed with you in mind, the system is easy to use and understand.  Powerful tools allow you to access your data, complete reporting, and interface with your other systems.

We believe in a positive experience all the time.

Our staff consists of Certified Payroll Professionals from the American Payroll Association, as well Certified Public Accounting (CPA).  This provides you with the best the industry has to offer and expertise you can trust.

Ally Payroll – Complete Workforce Management

 Experience You Can Count On

  • Staff has processed thousands of payrolls for thousands of clients
  • 20+ years of payroll management
  • 20+ years of public accounting
  • 10+ years of service bureau payroll tax payment & file
  • Over 3 billion in ACH transactions and 1.5 billion in tax payments

No more call centers, hire the professionals

  • Certified Payroll Professionals by the American Payroll Association
  • 20+ Years Payroll Management 
  • Over 3 Billion in ACH Transactions and 1.5 Billion in Payroll Tax Payments

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